Vodafone A4615P Alarm

Vodafone A4615P Alarm

SKU: A4615P



The VODAFONE 4615 alarm is a Thatcham CAT 2-1 alarm. The system is designed to be fully compatible with a wide range of CANbus protocols and can be used both for CAN and non CAN based vehicles. Available in PLIP, CAN or mixed CAN/PLIP versions, with or without remote controls. 


A4615 Features:-Uses vehicles OEM Remote-Thatcham category 2-1 -High power battery back up wireless siren-Ultrasonic protection-Perimetric protection-Pager/Siren output

"Quite simply, if a product carries the Thatcham Quality Assured trademark - you can rely on it!" This product will work with your existing immobiliser. Your indicators can flash when the Alarm is turned off and on (depends on Vehicle).



Key features

  • Self powered wireless siren.
  • Built in immobiliser cicuit
  • Passive immobilisation
  • Anti Hi-Jack
  • Hi- security disarm
  • Pager output
  • Diagnostic LED function
  • Self adjusting ultrasonic sensors
  • Input/output for additional sensors
  • Perimetric protection (doors, boot, bonnet)
  • Integration in either CAN or Plip configuration
  • Easily programmable via Andromeda tool


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