Thinkware F100 Dash Camera

Thinkware F100 Dash Camera

SKU: F100

As the smallest two-channel dash cam on the market, the THINKWARE F100 Dash Cam is designed to answer all your needs in the simplest way: a premium quality camera, with the ability to add a rear view camera for additional coverage. 


Full HD | CMOS Image Sensor | Format Free2.0 | Optional GPS | Optional HD Rear


Note- GPS is only available with the front and rear package.


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    With its 1080p Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor FHD Front camera, this entry-level unit has upgraded optics for superior day & night vision. It also features Safety Camera Alerts when connected to an external GPS antenna, providing drivers with regularly updated information on verified speed camera locations and known mobile speed traps.

    High definition video quality

    CMOS Image Sensors allow constant Full 1080p HD resolution recording during both daytime and night-time.

    Format free technology

    The F100 utilizes the FAT (File Allocation Table) system. This allows THINKWARE’s proprietary Format Free Technology to eliminate the need for periodical manual formatting of recorded video files on the microSD memory card. It also helps extend the life of your memory card. You can view recorded video files on any PC without having to worry about converting files. THINKWARE DASH CAM F100 saves the hassle of manually clearing memory space.

    Various autonomous recording modes

    Various Recording Modes and Automatic Switch between Modes

    Continuous Recording Mode
    This mode is activated automatically when you start the engine. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism.

    Incident Recording Mode
    The Active Impact Monitoring System will automatically store the video data ten seconds prior to and after a collision registered by the 3-axis G-Sensor.

    Manual Recording Mode
    Similar to a video camera, you can use the Manual Recording Mode to capture events that occur in front of your vehicle whether or not it is in motion.

    PC / Mac viewer

    The intuitive and simple-to-use interface of THINKWARE DASH CAM allows you easy and convenient viewing of your recorded videos. Through PC or Mac viewer, you can playback and download recorded videos along with your route history and speed record. You can also change the dash cam settings, format the memory card, or install updates with just a few clicks on the viewer.

    Comprehensive driving information with GPS

    With the optional GPS Tracker, the THINKWARE DASH CAM F100 can record the vehicle’s driving speed and provide its precise location and routes identification on the map. The GPS Tracker helps you to accurately assess the details of the surrounding area by providing you with the vehicle speed and the time of a collision, and the severity of an impact. The video recording feature not only stores driving footages in case of an event, but it can also be used to track your holiday travel routes.
    * The video recording feature is only available when using the GPS Tracker accessory sold separately.

    High temperature protection system

    The specially designed heat discharge construction and the built-in thermal sensor of the F100 protect the device and its data against intense heat by automatically turning it off to prevent overheating.

    Failsafe recording

    In the event that the power gets disconnected after an accident, the fail-safe recording uses the Super Capacitor for backup power to ensure safe storage of any recording in progress – so you can be assured that your valuable data will be securely stored under any circumstances


    Nationwide Installation

    With our professional installation team of expert fully qualified auto electricians, our engineers will make sure you and your vehicle receive the right care and attention to detail with no unsightly wires or holes in the interior, looking as good as new. To reiterate all cables are concealed. We will ensure that you are 100% happy with your camera system on completion. As soon as the installation has been ordered, we will arrange for the engineer to install at a location and time to suit you.

    We can install your system at any location convenient to you anywhere in the UK. The process is as follows:

    1. Place your order.
    2. We will contact you within 24 working hours to arrange your installation.
    3. We aim to install your camera system as quickly as possible after ordering. However, this is dependent on both customer vehicle and installation engineer availability.

    • Resolution : 1080p Full HD

    • Camera : 2.12MP Sony Exmor CMOS

    • Frame Rate : up to 30 fps 

    • Viewing Angle : 135° (Diagonal)

    • Dimensions(WxDxH) : 78 x 35 x 35 mm (3.07 x 1.36 X 1.36 inch)

    • Weight : 44g (0.104 lb)

    • Storage Temperature : -20°~ 70°C (-4°~ 158°F)

    • Operating Temperature : -10°~ 60°C (14°~ 140°F)

    • Capacity :   MicroSD card 8/16/32/64GB (UHS-I)

    • Input Power :  DC 12/24V, Built-in Super Capacitor


    • Dash Cam                         
    • 12V Power Cable or Hardwiring Cable
    • 8GB MicroSD Card       
    • Windshield Mount           
    • Spare 3M Mounting Tapes
    • Adhesive Cable Clips       
    • Quick Start Guide